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Foreigners require special permission to play here.

How to play

A drivable par 4 for the long hitters especially with a tail wind. I once did have a 3 foot putt here for a eagle, which I made. Off the tee however the hazards in play are innumerable. There is large rock in the front with tall trees & an OB along the left.There is a hazard at 250 yards that runs across the fairway. The green is diagonally left of the tee box. Most golfers layup short of teh hazard & then attack the pin. The green is the only one currently in the country with a flowering plant on it (albeit its only a 8 foot high shrub). The green is raised, slopes sharply from back to front with a bunker in the front right for protection. Going long on this hole is a nightmare as there is a sharp fall behind. Putting here is relatively easy.

HINT: Layup & attack the pin.
  • Mens 322