LayoutTells you how to play each hole with photos & tips below.
Foreigners require special permission to play here.

How to play

Dogleg left you have to play 3 very good golf shots to be on the green. Off the tee a driver is not the best club. Objective is to drive 220 yards as there is a hazard & tall trees at 270 yards to negotiate. That gives you room to get your second shot over the trees & onto the fairway. Most players end up playing a long iron or a rescue on their second to ensure they are in the center of the fairway. Your third is again over a very tall column of trees & a water hazard to a green that is about 60 yards wide If the pin is on the right you need a extra club & if on the left you need elevation to ensure the trees do not grab your ball on the way down. Putting on this green is tricky. Your only birdie chance is if you have a great 3rd. A Par here works.

TIP: Be conservative & play accurate as a error means a double bogey or worse.
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