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Foreigners require special permission to play here.

How to play

Another tactical hole you need to strategize wrt club selection off the tee. The fairway off the tee box slopes down (you will get 10-20 yards extra roll) & is narrow with undulations & trees on both sides of the fairway. There is a hazard at 220 yards with trees running along the same. To carry this you need to drive 260 plus to be safely on the fairway .Most golfers layup with a iron & then attack the pin.So you can play for 170 yards & then have a 180 yard second. The green slopes from back to front sharply, has fairway bunkers along the left & bunkers on the left of the green & behind on the right for protection. You ideally want to be downhill from the
PIN. If you have a sideways putt or a downhill putt the speed & contours will really test you.

TIP: Be short of the green on the right as a chip & putt can work versus being long.
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