LayoutTells you how to play each hole with photos & tips below.
Foreigners require special permission to play here.

How to play

Off the tee you need distance to play this hole well.You tee off over a water body at 100 yards & over a hazard to a fairway that is dominated by a tall tree on the left & large mounding on the right of the fairway. You want to be slightly left of the mound so that the tree is not in play on your second. There are fairway bunkers short of the mound on the right & 2 on the left for the errant shot. Your second shot is almost blind normally over a road / fence to a green that has mounding in the front & bunkers on the right. Going long is okay here but dont be short as the rough is difficult to get out off. The green is easy to putt on.

TIP: The fairway is quite wide off the tee. Let it rip & get some distance off the tee as your second is then very easy.
  • Mens 375