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Foreigners require special permission to play here.

How to play

A wonderful Par 5 cause it can change the complexion of a game.This is a dogleg left hole that slopes down off the tee. You tee off to a fairway with thick trees on either side defining the boundary. Way left is a OB. The smart line is to go left center of the fairway or left as the contours will bring the ball sharply right.This will allow you to be aggressive with your second. Long hitters can definitely go for the green in two. For the others your second should be center or center right of the fairway as there is a pond about 90 yards short of the green on the left.Your third is to a gren that slopes very severelyfrom back to front & has massive bunkers on the left & right running all along the green. If you are in them, pray. Downhill putts are a nightmare & so is going long. Behind the green is a OB area. Putting here is a challenge & 3 putts here are a routine occurence .
TIP : This hole needs 5 good golf shots for a par. Play this conservatively & you could end up with a birdie
  • Mens 520