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Foreigners require special permission to play here.

How to play

A tricky par 3 you tee off from a elevated tee box to a green that is a good 10 yards below. There is a large tree in the front left of the green. The green is a massive one like nothing you have seen before. Its like a a 8 shape & most of the times you can see the pin as its on the right. The green slopes from back to front on the right & then from left to right. Bunkers on the front & side are there for protection. Even if you nail your tee shot a 2 putt here is not easy. If you are on the left half of the green you could have a 100 foot uphill putt that is a nightmare.

HINT: Factor for the wind off the tee & pick the right club. Thats half the battle won.
  • Mens 158