Army BEPTA Bison, Hyderabad: Location


Bolaram, Secunderabad
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How to get there

The course is located on the RSI (Rajendra Singhji Institute) road between the RSI club & the EME golf course .Coming from RSI its on the right & vice versa when you come from EME . A simple option is to travel on the Siddipet road towards Hakimpet Airforce base .At the octroi post junction on this road take a right towards the EME golf course (the course is located 200 meters on the left hand side) & instead of taking a left into the EME course take a right at the first junction & travel about 2kms (This is called AMHERST ROAD) . The BEPTA /Bolarum course is located on the left .

Distance From

Airport 46.1 kms
Railway station 1.8 kms
City 4.9 kms from the city
Closest golf course 1.69 Km away, Army EEPTA Eagle, Hyderabad
9.22 Km away, Railways Golf Club IRISET, Hyderabad
17.17 Km away, Silver Oak (Kala Jyothi Course)
17.19 Km away, Granules Golf Course, Hyderabad
18.63 Km away, HGA (Hyderabad Golf Association)
20.72 Km away, Boulder Hills Golf and Country Club
21.5 Km away, Army Artillery Center, Hyderabad
42.21 Km away, Banyan Tree Retreat Golf